Partnership of the Business in the Community age at work campaign

By 2030, half of all adults in the UK will be over 50. Your talent pool and customers of the future are older.

However, older workers are not benefiting from the same work opportunities as younger workers. Our research shows that there are over a million people over 50 who are out of work but would like to be working if the right opportunities were available. Too many are pushed out of the workforce due to caring responsibilities, health issues and ageism in the employment market and redundancy process.

Business in the Community is the only membership organisation representing employers who want to respond effectively to the ageing population. Through our age campaign, we give employers the tools and insight to support a growing older workforce and more effective intergenerational working. We inspire and share best practice that creates truly age-inclusive workplaces, in which employees of all ages and stages of life can thrive. 

Why join us?
The age partnership offer has been created to support employers to respond effectively to the ageing population and the needs of older workers, and to leverage the benefits of effective intergenerational working.

Benefits include:

  • A dedicated Adviser to provide you with tailored specialist support and guidance to meet your specific needs and business challenges
  • Access to cutting-edge toolkits, research and case studies on the ageing workplace and intergenerational working;
  • A selection of advisory and training services including training, workshops and focus group packages
  • Access to best practice and insights via brokered conversations, peer learning forums, events, and networking opportunities with peers from our membership of employers leading the way on age at work;
  • Opportunities for recognition and positive brand association via the use of logos, our website, newsletters, and partner-only sponsorship opportunities;
  • Benchmarking survey participation, feedback and support


Enjoy the flexibility of two levels of engagement
We offer two levels of partnership that allow organisations to join at a level that reflects their priorities.

Core partners benefit from a wide range of support and the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to older workers and age inclusion in the workplace.

Champion partners can demonstrate their commitment to learning and leading on the age agenda. Champions receive in-depth support, plus a range of thought leadership and profile opportunities. Champions may be existing leaders and innovators, or they may be emerging in this area, with a commitment to bringing about a step change to their approach to age at work.

Your contribution to moving the agenda forward 
Core partnership 

  • £3,500 for a single Core Partnership of the Business in the Community Age Campaign
  • £2,800 for Core Partnership for those organisations who hold a BITC Core Package or are engaged on the Race Equality, Gender Equality or Wellbeing campaigns.
  • £5,600 for Core Partnerships across two workplace campaigns (Age/Gender Equality/Race Equality/Wellbeing Campaigns)
  • £7,000 for Core Partnerships across three workplace campaigns (Age/Gender Equality/Race Equality/Wellbeing Campaigns)
  • £9,250 for Core Partnerships across four workplace campaigns (Age/Gender Equality/Race Equality/Wellbeing Campaigns)

Champion partnership 

  • £10,500 for Champion Partnership of the Business in the Community Age Campaigns, all the features of core Partnership plus added benefits.

*All prices are excluding V.A.T

Acceptable Use
The partnership is a collaborative and charitable endeavour managed by Business in the Community (BITC) for public benefit.  Membership and its associated products and services, whether paid-for or free, are to be used by partners for the purposes of improving their own workplace policies and practice.  Partners may not re-sell BITC’s products, services and the associated intellectual property, nor may they use the forums to promote their own products and services or otherwise exploit them for direct commercial purposes.

Three Ways To Become A Partner
1. Complete the form below. 
2. Telephone:  Sabrina Bushe T: 020 7566 8736
3. Email: Sabrina Bushe, Head of Partnership Services


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