Bring in your parents day

Rachael Saunders, Business in the Community Age at Work Director speaks of championing the older worker and reflecting on the value of different generations. 



According to Linkedin, one-third of parents don’t understand what their children do for work. Probably not a huge surprise – the world of work is changing rapidly, and many of us change roles every few years.  So Bring In Your Parents Day on the 4th November is a fun innovation – and it might just have a serious purpose as well.  We are all living and working longer. Currently,10 million people in the UK are over 65 years old and this number is projected to nearly double, to around 19 million, by 2050. It is harder to get a job as you get older. The employment rate for all working age adults remains at a record high of nearly 75%. But for people over 60, this falls to around 50%. Much of the emphasis of Bring In Your Parents Day will, rightly, be in the pride that parents take in the achievements of their children.  At the same time, building networks, keeping skills up to date and sharing ideas are important at every age.  Seeing your child’s workplace might help spark the idea or make the connection that helps a parent succeed too.  

Business in the Community’s Age at Work leadership team has recently been appointed as the Government’s Business Champion for Older Workers.That means we will be doing all we can, in collaboration with partners and allies, to champion the value that older workers offer to business. Bring In Your Parents Day is a great opportunity to reflect on the value that different generations offer. 

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