More 50-74 year olds in work than ever before

New figures published by the Department for Work & Pensions today (28 July 2016) show that there are now more people aged 50 to 74 in work than ever before – 3.7 million more than there were 20 years ago.

Responding to the report, Rachael Saunders, Age at Work Director, Business in the Community, said: “The rise in older workers is a step in the right direction and shows that employers recognise the benefits that older workers’ skills and experiences bring to their organisations. However, as people live longer and the state pension age rises, there is still work to be done to help older workers remain in employment.

“There are also some notable differences between male and female older workers. For example, as men and women get older, the proportion of women working full- and part-time remains the same, whilst the number of men working full-time decreases and the number in part-time work increases. This reflects established cultural norms established over a long period of time, and these must be addressed to make recruitment and progression fair for men and women of all ages.

“Now is the time for employers to ensure that they are supporting older workers to stay in work, including providing relevant skills training, helping them to manage health and caring responsibilities alongside their jobs, and understanding how to manage intergenerational workforces. Business in the Community will  shortly be publishing a new report with guidance for employers on implementing practical change to create age-friendly workplaces, benefitting individuals, businesses and the UK economy.”