Diversity Issues

Age-old assumptions about when working life should end are rapidly changing. Increasing numbers are choosing to work beyond State Pension Age (SPA) and many are having to work longer than planned to assure their income in retirement, particularly in light of recent changes to SPA. As a society we have failed to grasp and respond, not only to the needs of an ageing workforce but also, and perhaps most critically, to its vibrant potential. We need to rethink the employment needs of older people to help ensure that individuals have increased choice about when to stop work. But we also need to make full use of the potential of older workers if the economy is not to be choked by a shortage of labour.Of the 11.6 million people in the UK aged 50-64 there are 3.3 million who are ‘economically inactive’ (not seeking work) while another 347,000 are unemployed. Some of those out of work will have chosen to retire or stay at home while others will have been forced out through some combination of factors. It is this last group of individuals that this report is devoted to.
This guide has been designed with small and medium sized businesses in mind and sets out how a mid-life MOT can help both employees and employers, and where to go for advice and support.