Our progress as Government Business Champion

Report to Government

As the Business Champion for Older Workers, the Age at Work leadership team are mobilising and supporting business to make the most of the opportunity of older workers and an ageing population. As part of this role, we set a target of one million more people over the age of 50 in employment by 2022. Our leadership team companies are already taking significant steps to retain, retrain and recruit older workers, and to help achieve the target.

This report outlines the progress we’ve made since the start of our work on the future of an ageing workforce. In the report, we also put forward recommendations and offers of collaboration to both Government and Business.  We are starting to see positive signs of progress, but there is still much more to do.  


Employers leading the way on age diversity in the workplace 

The Age at Work leadership team are leading the way on age diversity in the workplace and supporting older workers. These employers understand the business and economic benefits of doing so. They have already started to transform their workplaces and management processes to support older workers and fuller working lives. This report outlines their progress and actions since they started work on the ageing population.