Workshop: Realising the benefits of an ageing workforce


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Learn how businesses can train, retain and recruit older workers.

The UK’s population is ageing. People are living longer, the baby boomers are heading towards retirement, and the birthrate has declined year on year since 2012. Half of all adults in the UK will be over 50 years old by 2030. This demographic shift affects the economy, the workforce and talent supply. The UK is already facing talent and skills gaps, and with fewer young people set to enter the workforce, the retention, retraining and recruitment of older workers is key.

However, our research found there are a Missing Million people over 50 out of work, but who want to work if the right opportunities were available. Of those over 50 who leave the workforce early, the most common reasons are a lack of appropriate skills, redundancy, caring responsibilities, health conditions, and age discrimination. Business must take action to challenge age-stereotypes, support older workers’ needs, and enable longer working lives.

Aims of the day
This workshop will provide an opportunity for you to hear what actions some of the leading companies are taking to retain, retrain and recruit older workers.

Who should attend
This event is designed to benefit

  • CR Managers/Heads of
  • HR managers/Heads of
  • Diversity & Inclusion Managers/Heads of

Please note:  This event is available to Age Partners, however, If you have purchased a BITC core package under the new member proposition this workshop requires one credit for up to two people to attend. 

Contact details for further information
Please contact Florence Hughes if you require more information. 

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