Webinar: Managing Menopause


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This webinar is an opportunity to learn how businesses can support women in the workplace transitioning through menopause, and hear case studies of policies and practices adopted by the organisations leading the way.

Attendees will be joined by leading academics who will share recent findings and guidance on policies and best practice to make the workplace menopause friendly. Business in the Community (BITC) will be sharing content from a new toolkit that provides practical guidance for human resources, wellbeing and occupational health practitioners, developed from both new research and our evidence-based insights into what works in business.  
As well as sharing information there will be a focus on actions and suggestions about how to develop an event or awareness-raising campaign for your company to mark World Menopause Day on 18 October. 
  • Professor Jo Brewis, The Open University
  • Dr Vanessa Beck, University of Bristol
This event is open to BITC members with age and/or gender and/or wellbeing partnerships only.

Contact details
For more information please contact Florence Hughes, Events and Awards Coordinator.