Diversity Intelligence

Diversity Intelligence is a performance management diagnostic, offering organisations an in-depth assessment of diversity and inclusivity in workplaces. It is designed to help organisations understand where they are doing well, where they can improve and most importantly, how BITC can help them improve and make a real impact.

Diversity Intelligence is a big step forward for Business in the Community and for responsible businesses.

Diversity Intelligence takes an intersectional approach and is designed around themes, so organisations can focus on the issues that matter to them. The thematic assessments are:

  • Diversity Profile: looks at how diverse your employees are
  • Strategy: assesses your diversity and inclusion strategy, focussing on objectives, public reporting and employee training
  • Leadership: assesses your organisation’s leadership on delivering diversity and inclusion objectives, focussing on accountability, inclusive leadership, and board diversity
  • Recruitment: assesses recruitment policies and practices and their impact on creating a more diverse workforce, as well as the diversity of candidates recruited to your business.
  • Progression: assesses how your organisation is increasing diversity and inclusivity in senior roles, as well as the diversity of employees progressing into more senior roles.
  • Employee Engagement: looks at how engaged your employees are as well as factors that might encourage them to leave, including bullying and harassment
  • Pay and Reward: assesses remuneration policies and pay gaps in your business. Most of this assessment focusses on gender and ethnicity pay gaps and pay quartiles, and looks at this data by level of seniority.
  • Life Balance: assesses leave policies affecting parents and employees with other kinds of caring responsibilities, as well as flexible working policies. This assessment also asks about the numbers of employees who used parental leave and the number that returned.


Why should BITC members use Diversity Intelligence?
Diversity Intelligence gives participants a summary of performance describing their maturity with respect to diversity and inclusion policies, behaviours and impacts. Bespoke feedback and recommendations focus on the issues for which your business has a partnership (Age, Gender and/or Race), and will form the basis of a bespoke Partnership Plan to achieve your responsible business objectives.

How is DI data collected?
The assessments take the form of a survey that asks a range of quantitative and policy questions. Participants are sent a survey link which is personal and unique to them. You can complete some of the assessment, shut down your computer and come back at a later date to pick up where you left off.

The survey itself is delivered on Qualtrics, an industry-leading platform that meets industry best standards, including the ISO 27001 information security standard. More information is available in Qualtrics Security Statement

How much does it cost?
Any BITC member is able to use Diversity Intelligence. Diversity Intelligence is built into the Age, Gender, and Race core and champion partnerships. Members with any of these partnerships can use Diversity Intelligence at no additional cost. BITC members that do not have one of these partnerships can still use Diversity Intelligence for a fee of £2,500 +vat.

How does it relate to the Responsible Business Tracker?
Diversity Intelligence complements the breadth of the Responsible Business Tracker with a deep-dive into the Diversity and Inclusion segment of the Responsible Business Map.

Further information:
Please speak with your BITC Relationship Manager to find out how you can use Diversity Intelligence. If your business has an Inclusion Partnership with BITC (Age, Gender or Race) you can also contact your Diversity Adviser. Or email Diversity.Intelligence@bitc.org.uk.