Sodexo: Generations Workstream (started in 2012)

Sodexo’s Generations Workstream has helped employees to understand the personal and professional development needs of different generations within the workplace. It aims to build the Sodexo Brand so it is recognised as an employer of choice for all generations. A secondary driver for Sodexo was increasing employee engagement, particularly among the 20-30 year olds (this group had the lowest engagement scores).


Sodexo launched its GenERAtions employee networking using GenMatch, a specially-designed board game. This game helps employees appreciate the diverse workforce in the organisation. Players have to match statement about motivation, stype, technology and lifestyle to relevant generations – aiming to reduce stereotypical views.

A communications campaign was also launched to encourage employees to joint the GenERAtions network, attracting over 300 members in the first four months.The workstream led to a relationship developing with Contact the Elderly (charity tackling loneliness and social isolation among older people), also strengthening relationships with corporate clients.


  • Created a broader understanding of the needs of people of different generations inside and outside of the workplace.
  • Developed a greater awareness of employee benefits including pensions.
  • Provided employees with opportunities to interact and learn from peers.
  • Improve employee engagement, especially among 20-30 year olds (surpassing the 2016 target of 40% engagement in this group)

Business benefits

  • Reached a wider audience through collaborative working with other networks, such as Contact the Elderly.
  • Increased brand recognition and reputation, with coverage in the national press.