Government Business Champion for Older Workers Target: What is it and what does it mean for your organisation?

As the Government’s Business Champion for Older Workers, we are calling for one million more older people in work by 2022.

To address the widening skills gap, tackle age bias in work and enable people to stay in work longer, we need to increase the number of older people in work by one million, or 12% more. This is the starting point for individual employers.

The target aims to support older people who want the same range of options and opportunities as younger colleagues, and to be recognised for their experience and expertise. In recognising the skills older people bring to the workplace, employers will benefit from the breadth and depth of their knowledge.

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What is the target of one million more older people in work by 2022 and where did it come from?
In September 2016, the Government appointed the Business in the Community Age at Work Leadership Team, led by Andy Briggs, CEO of Aviva UK Life, as Business Champion for Older Workers. The role is an opportunity to support employers adapt to the needs of our ageing population through better retention, retraining and recruiting of older workers.
In February 2017, the group announced a strategy of activity and a target of one million more older people in employment by 2022.  This equates to a 12% increase in older workers for each UK employer. 

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