Commit and Publish

The Business in the Community Age at Work Leadership Team, led by Andy Briggs, is the Government Business Champion for Older Workers

In February 2017, we launched a target of one million more older workers by 2022. To reach this, every UK business would need to, on average, increase the number of older people they employ by 12%. 

We have an ageing society. The average age in UK is now 40, this is 10 years older that it was in 1974. By 2020 1 in 3 workers will be over 50 and by 2030, half of all adults in the UK will be over 50.  We simply cannot meet our growth and productivity targets in the UK without adapting to retain, recruit and develop people over 50.

To ensure that we are on track to achieving one million more older workers by 2022, we are asking every UK employer to ‘Commit & Publish

  • Commit to collaborating with us to reach the target, and;
  • Publish the number and percentage of older workers in their workforce in order to create transparency as we work towards the target.

We are asking employers to publically Commit their support today and as part of this commitment, to pledge to Publish their workforce data by age.

Please complete the form below to pledge your organisation’s support to this target.

Please email Jenny Lincoln, Business in the Community Age at Work Research and Policy Manager if you require support or advice in completing this form. 

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I understand that the name of my organisation and my workforce data, when submitted, will be published by Business in the Community.

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