Case studies

Sodexo’s Generations Workstream has helped employees to understand the personal and professional development needs of different generations within the workplace. It aims to...

Published: November 2015

The NHS Working Longer Group is a tripartite partnership group between national recognised NHS trade unions, NHS employers and health department representatives, established to...

Published: November 2015
St Leger Homes of Doncaster: Winners of the Championing an Ageing Workforce Award

St Leger Homes' older workers are supported to retrain and work flexibly so that individuals are not forced out of employment.

Published: July 2016
Steelite International - Age friendly culture: A Steelite employee at work

Steelite International's diverse workforce ensures that vital skills are handed down from one generation to the next.

Published: June 2016
Barclays Bank - Barclays Multigenerational Programme

Barclays has brought greater diversity to their workforce, gained insight into their older customer base, and created new opportunities for older workers through...

Published: June 2016